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Many of our customer's projects have unusual or unique requirements that result in specialty jobs. At Whiting Custom Laminated Panels, we know how important it is to cater to the diverse needs of your specific project, all while delivering quality products within schedule and budget constraints. Please contact us to discuss your custom solution.

Veranda Divider Panels for Cruise Ships

Whiting painted alum honeycomb panels were used for refurbished cruise ship. Panels were installed on cruise ship balconies.

Prime Power Unit (PPU) Trailer Doors

A Prime Power Unit is an air- and highway-transportable, trailer-mounted 1.3MW (megawatt) Generator Set, a key component of the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) system. Our doors are used on the power generator trailer that supports this THAAD system for the US Missile Defense Agency. THAAD has been deployed in Guam, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Romania, and South Korea.

ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital

Our honeycomb panels with decorative facings were used for walls and cabinets in a medical facility inside of an aircraft. This flying hospital will fly around the world for the next twenty years seeking to treat preventable blindness worldwide. The aircraft, an MD-10, was donated by Federal Express and is operated by off-duty volunteer Fed Ex pilots. The doctors and other personnel that operate the hospital are also volunteers.