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Mission Statement

Corporate Mission Statement

Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp. was founded in 1953 by Theo Whiting whose business philosophy included, "You have to build a quality product in order to stay in business. Whiting will build quality products."

Our mission continues to be...

  • To maintain a healthy, viable company positioned to serve our customers, our employees and our community.
  • To provide products and service, which create a competitive advantage for our customers, based on value, innovation and design.
  • To be committed to continuous improvement of products, processes, and customer service at competitive prices and with on time delivery.
  • To promote business relationships which value integrity and honesty and operate in an upright, moral fashion.
  • To partner with employees to promote a safe work environment.
  • To promote a corporate culture where employees care and are given the freedom to do their job and think for themselves.
  • To promote smart growth either within our markets or by capitalizing on our expertise when opportunities arise.

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