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airCELL Doors

Engineered to be Light, Strong and Durable! Introducing airCELL™ Swing Door technology from Whiting. Why waste weight on your fleet's swing doors? Whiting airCELL swing doors are significantly lighter and stronger than conventional plate doors...and they are 100% recyclable.


  • Embossed light gauge steel core is a honeycomb-like layer creating very high strength-to-weight properties
  • All steel components are galvanized and coated with an epoxy designed specifically to resist corrosion, even in extreme environments
  • Aerospace grade structural adhesive system with both high strength and toughness able to withstand wide temperature and application ranges
  • Bonding process is designed to create panels with consistent adhesion and flat smooth surfaces
  • No petrochemicals in the manufacturing process – eliminating volatile swings in cost of oil based materials

Face sheets add strength and stiffness when bonded to the airCELL core
Aerospace grade adhesive and bonding process
Honeycomb-like steel core creates very high strength-to-weight properties

Download the airCELL Swing Door brochure here.
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