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Alternate Installation Procedure; (3 People Necessary)

  1. Remove end hinge covers on one edge.
  2. Carry top section into unit in its normal horizontal position, except at a 45 degree with the track.
  3. Insert rollers into end hinges taking note to place 3 spacer washers at the top break joint.
  4. Slide door close to track so that the rollers are inserted.
  5. Rotate door into closed position.
  6. Raise section into horizontal and secure with a clamp in track.
  7. Repeat procedure with bottom section.
  8. Connect cables to bottom panel.
  9. Lock door.
  10. Remove temporary bolt in cable drums by pulling on cable from outside.
  11. Raise bottom section and connect to top section.
  12. Install top closure brackets.
  13. Test door.

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