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Alternate Removal Procedure; (3 People Necessary)

  1. With door in the open position, remove top closure brackets (adjustable part that holds roller(s).
  2. Separate door into two halves. This is done by drilling out the top 2 hinge rivets,or by removing the nuts at the break joint Two people are now inside truck . Note: if the break joint is not accessible with the door fully open (due to freight,pocket ceiling, etc., close door slightly.
  3. Place clamps securely in tracks to prevent top section of door from coming down. As a point of safety, make certain that clamps are tight on track.
  4. Close door and lock.
  5. While person on outside pulls on a cable, a 5/16 x 3" bolt is temporarily inserted into hole in cable drum. When cable is released, this bolt maintains tension on spring. Repeat on opposite side.
  6. Remove all rollers down one side of door on lower section. This can be done in several ways (Remove nuts & roller covers, Cut roller shafts with a torch, Cut section in half)
  7. Unlock door.
  8. Using remaining rollers as a pivot, swing lower section towards inside.
  9. When edge of door is approx 6" away from wall pull door away from remaining rollers. At this point, either the roller shafts will come out of the hinges or the rollers will fall out of the track. As a point of safety, when this occurs there is nothing to stop the door from folding up. PINCH POINT. Lean door back slightly to prevent this, if you wish.
  10. To lower top section, release clamp in track and push down. As a point of safety, position ladder away from rear frame as first panel (no hinge) may kick back. Also, remember that top panel has no top roller and is hanging down.
  11. Once top section has been lowered, repeat roller removal as with bottom section.
  12. Carry top and bottom sections from unit.

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