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Standard Replacement Procedure

  1. Take bottom section into unit, face up, break joint first and stand on end.
  2. Reposition ladders.
  3. Tip one end of door down slightly and install rollers, taking care to put 3 spacer washers at the first joint.
  4. Lower door to horizontal, face up, placing rollers against side wall . Slide that side down wall to floor.
  5. Repeat with opposite side.
  6. Using the same techniques as in removal, install bottom rollers into tracks. Hint,each man on the ladders is to be facing his wall, concentrating on his own roller. Man in the center is to support door and push slightly. If this is not done,each person might work against the other.
  7. Repeat with top section.
  8. Install rubber track stops and fasteners.
  9. Install top roller and adjust to approx. same position as removed door.
  10. Bring both upper and lower sections together. If joined by step bolts, bolt now. if riveted, temporary clench them so that top section follows bottom when closed for the first time.
  11. Move door down horizontal tracks and connect both cables.
  12. Pulling slightly on cable, remove temporary bolt in cable drum installed in step 4 of removal. Repeat with opposite cable.
  13. Remove clamp in track and close door.
  14. Check door operation.

Approx time required for removal and replacement, 3/4 hr.

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