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Standard Removal Procedure (3 People necessary)

  1. Open door
  2. Pull door back until bottom panel is approx. 16" from header.
  3. Securely place a clamp in each track, just below the bottom roller. As a point of safety, make certain that clamps are tight on tracks.
  4. While pulling slightly on one cable, place a 5/16" x 3" bolt into one of the holes in cable drum. This will hold the small amount of spring tension present when the door is in the open position. Repeat procedure with other side.
  5. Disconnect cables from door.
  6. Place a clamp on each cable. This small weight will keep them from jumping off the drum and becoming tangled.
  7. Remove both rubber track stops. NOTE: if your truck is not on level ground, the door could begin to roll towards the end of the track. For precaution, place a clamp in the track, just before the stop area.
  8. Separate the door into 2 halves. (In the case of a 2 1/8" ColdSaver, tall doors are split into three parts in order to make it more manageable) This is done by drilling out the top 2 hinge rivets, or removing the nuts. It may be easier to perform this step before step 1, but it is safer to do it here. Be careful however, as the panel will swing down as soon as the last fastener is released.
  9. In trailers, you will need two ladders. Position them near ends of horizontal tracks.
  10. Remove clamp in horizontal track, installed in step 7.
  11. Using three people, roll top half of door out of tracks. First man is positioned between tracks and supports panels when in reach. Each of the other two men grab last panel as it comes out of their track and walk down their ladder.
  12. Beginning by holding door horizontal, tip it up on one end. Rollers on that end will then fall out.
  13. Place both ladders on the same side of truck or trailer.
  14. Carry door section out of unit, tilting it slightly to get by ladders and rear frame.
  15. Repeat with lower section(s).

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