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Panel Replacement - Removable Roller Cover Type Bottom Panel

  1. Close door until bottom panel is approx. one inch from sill.
  2. Using "C" clamps, securely clamp cables to the posts.
  3. Remove cables from bottom panel.
  4. Place two clamps in track above panel to be changed. These clamps will prevent the upper panels from dropping when bottom panel is taken out. To do this, clamps are positioned below the roller.
  5. Remove roller covers of bottom panel, four places.
  6. Remove rollers.
  7. Drill out all rivets on panel.
  8. Remove panel.
  9. Insert new panel.
  10. Install bottom rollers, two places.
  11. Connect cables to new panel.
  12. Remove upper clamps installed in step 4.
  13. Remove clamps on cables.
  14. Drill new panel for fasteners.
  15. Raise door slightly and insert new fasteners.
  16. Tighten fasteners.
  17. Install rollers and spacer washers at first joint.

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