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Cable Replacement on Two Spring Type Balancer

One of the most important procedures to remember about a two spring Whiting balancer is that it is worked on with the door open. In order to change cables on this style balancer assembly proceed as follows:

  • Open door.
  • Push door back into horizontal track so that bottom panel is approx. 16" from header. Two men will be needed for this.
  • Securely place a clamp in each track, just below the bottom roller. As a point of safety, make certain that clamps are tight on tracks.
  • Determine what type of installation you have, either a standard or a shallow header. In a standard header the balancer is clearly visible. The header will measure at least 6", whereas in a shallow header the balancer is somewhat concealed, rather difficult to work on and header measures approx. 5".
  • Using a 7/16" box wrench, loosen two set screws in winding cone.
  • Make sure spring assembly is free and can spin easily on shaft.
  • Wind new cable onto cable drum. Make certain that the cable follows the grooves as it is possible to install them backwards! In a regular installation, cable comes off the bottom of drum. In shallow header, cable comes off the top of drum.
  • Begin winding balancer by inserting bar into winding cone and pulling down for standard installation, or by pushing up in a shallow header.
  • Start counting turns as soon as the cone rotates. 3 1/2 to 4 turns would be correct.
  • After the correct turns have been applied, tighten both set screws securely.
  • Carefully remove both clamps in the tracks.
  • Lower door and test . A properly balanced door should not fly open, nor fall closed.

Approx. time for cable removal and replacement 15 min. total.

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