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 Door Type:
Single Panel (gasket not included)
Door Set Gasketed (Roadside and Curbside)
Door Gasketed (Roadside)
Door Gasketed (Curb or Side Door)

Available Cores: Core Thickness:
Plywood 15/32" 23/32" 31/32" 1-1/4"   Specify
Innovator 15/32" 1/2" 23/32" 9/16"   Specify
Composite 33/64"

Available Metals: Metal Thickness:
Aluminum Mill Finish .012" .022" .040"
Aluminum Prepainted White .012" .022" .040"
Galv. Steel Mill Finish .013" .017"
Galv. Steel Prepainted White .017"
80K Galv. Steel Mill Finish .024"
80K Galv. Steel Prepainted White .024"
Stainless Steel SBA .021"
Stainless Steel Quilted .021"

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 Available Gaskets:
Sea-Lok Dual Durometer PVC AV PVC Gasket with Extruded Aluminum Retainer
Sea-Lok LP Dual Durometer PVC Single Durometer PVC Gasket with Barb
Sea-Lok LP with Bulb Insert Dual Durometer PVC Comp Lock EPDM Gasket Adhered to Aluminum Retainer

 Door Measurements:
Please note: If taking opening dimensions please measure in two areas and take average on height and width. The Frame of the trailer should be square.

Measure the opening WIDTH of your truck or trailer (distance between roadside post and curbside) and the opening HEIGHT (distance between header and sill as shown).

Door Opening Height:

Door Opening Width:


Place your tape measure over your present door and measure the distance from A to B. This is the overedging WIDTH of your present door. Next measure the distance from C to D. This is the overedging HEIGHT.
Over the EDGE Height:

Over the EDGE Width:

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