Whiting Electrodeposition
Automotive Quality Corrosion Protection

A clean, rust-free door conveys a quality image. Whiting E-Coats Whiting roll-up door hardware in our own manufacturing facility, the largest of its kind, devoted to the manufacture of WHITING QUALITY DOORS, exclusively for the transportation industry. Whiting E-Coating is done under stringently controlled conditions, to provide superior protection against rust and corrosion
Whiting quality parts don’t just look better. They are better. Better designed, engineered and manufactured to work better and last longer. Our equipment and experience will help you address your specific E-coating requirements. State-of-the-art process equipment combines with Whiting’s meticulous quality control to deliver top-of-the-line E-coating for your components.
Rustis a dirty four-letter word, especially when it’s on the back of a truck or trailer bearing your name. And nothing prevents rust and corrosion like E-Coating. Not galvanizing. Not cadmium plating. Nothing. Whiting – and only Whiting E-Coats all door hardware on every roll-up door we design, engineer and manufacture.
Salt Test
Independent salt spray tests and actual over-the-road testing confirm the definite superiority of E-Coating compared to galvanized or cadmium plating for protection against rust and corrosion.
  What is Electrodeposition or "E-Coating?"
The best way to understand the principle behind E-Coating is to think of it as “plating with paint.” As in plating, either the coating material or part to be coated is grounded while the other is charged positively. Most of us understand that “opposites attract”. . . . in the case of Whiting’s E-Coat system, a positive electrical charge is sent through our paint tank and a grounded set of parts is passed through the charged paint generating a strong bond between paint and part. Prior to this paint application, the parts are put through a continuous 8-stage series of cleaning and rinsing solutions. Again, it is common sense that good paint adhesion must start with a clean part. Following the cleaning process, then the paint application, parts are directed through a high temperature curing oven where the paint is brought to a full cure. The resulting coated part is protected with the best corrosion protection possible on a metal part. So good that it meets the most stringent automotive, military, and marine standards among others. And it’s standard on your door parts only from Whiting.
E-Coating   E-Coating
Cleaned and prepped parts entering the e-coat tank.
Finished parts exiting inline curing oven.
  Whiting E-Coating Value Added:
Low cost - high value
Uniform coating - all areas of part
Excellent corrosion resistance
Environmentally friendly coating
Excellent edge coverage, particularly on sharp edges
Reduced sags, drips, bleed out, cratering
Excellent aesthetics
Cationic / Cathodic system
8-stage pretreatment
Ultra filtration
3-stage post rinse
Gas-fired oven cure
Continuous monorail conveyor
Automated conveyer
  Ancillary services:
Fluidized sand burn oven
Stripping: Multi-metal
Masking: Discs, plugs, caps, etc.
Rack Design
Delivery: Company truck for local areas
  Physical properties:
Paint thickness: .5 to 2.5 mil.
Hardness: 2H minimum
Cure: Excellent
Throw power: 12” to 15”
Salt spray tests: Exceed 1,000 hrs.
Part size: 18”x 33”x 96”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Whiting E-coating is approved for automotive parts, copier and computer parts, photographic equipment, agriculture and construction, military equipment, fasteners, marine, switch gear and other commercial uses.

E-Coated Parts

Whiting E-Coated Parts